The Shadows in My Heart


Mary Havens shares her compelling story in, The Shadows in My Heart, where she unmasks the truth and tragic consequences of family secrets and mysteries. This groundbreaking autobiography, her lifelong quest, is about real people who inhabited a sleepy, peaceful Midwestern dairy farm in the Wisconsin Ocooch Mountains.

Podcast Interview 10-10-2023

Mary Havens was interviewed on the MY House Podcast in October 2023 on the episode REDEMPTION Podcast: Season 3 Episode 4: Mary Havens.

You can listen to the heartwarming interview as Mary shares raw memories of her formative childhood growing up on a farm in Wisconsin and the love, laughter, and tragedy that can happen in a large family.

“…tangled loyalties, misplaced religion, and corrosive self-doubt … Honest and engaging, readers are the beneficiaries”

Kaylene Johnson-Sullivan

“… this absorbing story set in the Ocooch Mountains where the Wisconsin River meets the Mississippi.”

Stephen H Getsinger